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Resolution of Financial Problems — testimonies

Now I’m going to sit here and listen to you. Do you remember our little homework assignment? You were supposed to pick some unresolved financial problem and align yourself with it and see what the resolution is of this. How many of you did it? All of you? Good. My ears will be full by the time I leave here, and I’ll be full of joy listening to you. Who wants to go first? Don’t all rush.

J — I have a question regarding the sound.

MPM — You’re the first then. (laughter from group)

J — I wonder if I have something wrong with my ears because I hardly hear noise around me, or people are talking. I can’t hear them well. Is this the effect of going up to the etheric and trying to reach the sound that my physical ear is not working well?

MPM — No, this happens and there is a tingling on the top of your head. Just keep it up. Remember, you are getting closer to the most powerful part of that sound, so it’s got to have some effect on you. But it’s the best part, so don’t be afraid of it.

When we practice alignment and when we go into it like this, we enter the etheric zone that is not exactly in the best shape today because of the human beings. It’s a mishmash of all kinds of things now. It’s not the way it used to be.  So every time you align yourself, you create kind of a channel that helps reorder the etheric at the same time. You see, you’re doing it also, and the Hierarchy is putting more order into the etheric. Imagine these columns of connection with the mental that is going on as all of you align. That’s the real reason why you are aligning. When you align, you’re actually helping the Hierarchy to straighten out the etheric. Does that make sense? So, you can imagine the channels of energy that will enable the upper levels of our existence to come down to us, as well as to go up: the invocation — evocation--passing through, without having to pass through this confusion and mess is on the etheric astral. Do you remember that little paragraph I read to you that came from the Master Jesus? Here it is:

Master Jesus — The sixth ray, the ray of devotion, idealism, higher aspirations … What a state it’s in on planet Earth! Devotion is mainly to physicality. “Higher aspiration” is mostly the pursuit of money, power.
What we see, emerging: new expressions of these great attributes of the Lord God. We see people like yourselves—dedicated to the expression of the Spiritual Hierarchy on the physical plane. This is where we are going.

We see the almost-infinitesimal budding of devotion to Amon Ra—infinitesimal in comparison to the cacophony of errant sounds, sounds with no aim, with no devotion to principle, to higher beings, higher energies, higher thought forms. The din of chaos. And yet, that infinitesimal budding of devotion to Amon Ra will silence the rest, will silence that chaotic muddle, that screeching din of purposelessness.
How will that happen? The call on Amon Ra is so powerful, it is difficult for anyone on the physical plane to see the great power that is unfurled, unshackled when that call to Amon Ra is made. Nothing can stand in its way. And so you are being called to this task, this beautiful, pleasant task of setting the world aright through contact, direct contact, with Amon Ra.
This is where we are going. This will silence what serves no one. This is the new expression of the sixth ray. Nothing can or will stand in its way.”

MPM — That’s what he was referring to. Even our little efforts to align are having a much great amount of effect than you really think they are. It’s really helping the Hierarchy put more order into the etheric zone.

Okay, let’s get back to the resolution of financial problems.   J, you’re first. I haven’t forgotten. Were you able to resolve any financial problems?

J --It’s not yet resolved. I talked to my mom and aligned. We have a property in another city that is financed. Things aren’t yet definite, but there is something.

MPM — There’s movement.

J— Yes, there’s movement.

MPM — That’s how it starts. It can happen in a flash, but it can also involve a whole process of getting this done, and then this, etc., and then it happens.

J— Before she was really hesitant to sell the property, but now she agrees to sell the property.

MPM — See if there’s another solution. Don’t hang on that solution. Just open it up. Keep aligning yourself and you never know if something will pop up unrelated to it. I can’t tell you what it is, but that’s how things happen.

R— Aligning regarding a property and the government is involved. Hopefully we’ll receive some money from it.

MPM — Keep going with the alignment. That’s when it really helps, when it involves the government in any way. They are dragging their feet.

G— I started to align about work. Even if I have a project, sometimes it’s just enough to pay the bills. I come here and then some things come up. I don’t know how it happens, but it comes, and I’m grateful for it. I need to buy a place here to stay here. That’s been my plan. How can I do it with my resources? I just have enough to pay the bills. I aligned about it. Our client offered me a long-term job. I can stay at home. It hasn’t started yet, but it will happen. I’m happy with it. I work on my own.

MPM — So it will be your own time, as long as you accomplish what you have to do.

G-- Yes.

MPM — If you’re going to be sort of self-employed, that’s the best way to be employed rather than going to Shoe Mart and standing there every day. I see those poor sales people in the store doing nothing and bored stiff. That’s what you call wasting your life. But with your kind of stuff, you can determine how to use your time, which is one of the main things that I wanted when I was employed and then moved into doing my own thing. I wanted to control my own time. That’s what St. Germain wants. That’s part of soul liberation.

Anybody else?

N— I had a problem with raising funds to build a house. I needed to get a permit and everything approved. There have been a lot of problems.

MPM — This is all part of the eclipse of unearthing all these problems that have been covered over. It’ll just surface and you’ve got to handle it.

N— I was able to align before and raise funds. Now I have to really align because I need another 20,000 pesos.

MPM — Don’t worry. Just keep aligning. Keep it up.

N— I don’t have solid results, but suddenly someone texted me asking about buying property. So, I found the lot to buy.

MPM — This is an opportunity that has come up that you never thought would come up. That’s the way it happens. It may pan out to be nothing, or it may pan out to be something. You never know. But it’s an opportunity that you didn’t have before.

J— I didn’t have very much in savings left. I had to get licenses, and I aligned and got them. Things I was asking for came, but I needed money. I did some alignment and now we have some funds.

MPM — Every project goes step by step by step. You’ve got to keep aligning to get the first thing, and then you align for the next step. You have to keep it up, but it sounds like it’s on its way.

J— The way things are going, even though I’m not working and I’m looking for another client, I’m still earning money.

MPM — So the money is falling from the sky. That’s what you have to get used to. When you start to move into some kind of financial independence, it’s no longer working for a job. The resources come from different sources. As I said many times, it comes from sources you never even thought of. That’s when you know the alignment is in action—the whole effort of Amon Ra to fill the gap, make it go. That’s what you are here for. You’re not here to sit around and worry about something not working and getting stuck. The whole point of studying this Ancient Wisdom is to “unstuck” all this stuff. Unstick it and make it move. This is the movement, the constant change that we are always talking about in the Ageless Wisdom. Just keep going.

M— inaudible— I had problems with the building permit, but the solution was given to me. Instead of borrowing money from other people, I had it come.

MPM — Are you certain that getting individual plots is the way to go (for the farming project)?

Group — Yes.

E— I needed tuition fees for my youngest daughter. She is studying in medical school. I have discussed the financial support for her with my wife and family. It would cost a lot of money, but I have a plan for being able to repay the money.

MPM — So you have a financial plan then to wipe out the debts.

Ernie — Yes.

MPM — If you have planned it out, what you do is put that plan in alignment. Put it in there and go deep with it. Say, “Okay. I have to find the resources for this.”

Ernie — Yes. I do it.

L— Me and my wife are aligning regarding a fish market store.

MPM — How is the business? Does the business pick up when you align?

L— There is more business.

MPM — Keep aligning. That’s how you will resolve your financial difficulties, by selling more fish. Keep it up as the supply comes in, because more supply and more sales are your resources. That’s what’s generating the resources. So, keep that aligned. But move deeper into it. It’s just not on the surface. Get into it and then let go.

Q — Is it right that we are visualizing where we get our resources from?

MPM — You can do that. You can visualize it. But, you have the problem. You have what you need to pay. You just leave it in Amon Ra’s hands. Sometimes when you visualize in that way, you determine things in the wrong way. Because it might not only be that. You might get resources from other sources. So, you just say, “Here. Here is the problem, and here is how I’m going to resolve it. I’m aligning it with you. Then, it’s in your hands.” You see the difference? You could imagine all the crowds of people lining up, but as I said, sometimes that’s not the right solution. There may be another solution up in the air.

You see, when you put the problem of resources in the hands of God or Amon Ra, that Being knows everything. He knows all the other ways of getting resources that you can’t possibly dream of, because you can’t see it. You see? But that Being knows where it is, and which one is ready to fill the gap. So that’s what you want. You want to get the whole ocean of resources going the way that suits your purposes. If you are running a drug trafficking thing or something like that, then don’t count on having the resources.

R— I had a problem where I needed money and the possibility of getting social security and I brought that into alignment.

MPM — What did you do about it?

R— My sister told me about how she was able to do things. So, there is hope.

MPM — I would think there is more than doing that. All of us have the resources around us. You don’t see it. You’ve got to open your eyes to it. Nobody sent you down here penniless. You have all the resources of Amon Ra surrounding you. You just imagine the prana surrounding you and penetrating you. Open yourself up to that. You align yourself, you see the prana, and you say, “Okay. Let it flow through me. I am part of this.” You are part of that whole flow of resources, and you are the resource yourself. Don’t limit it to social security and that. That may be part of it. But what you want is to be part of the general supply of blessings coming your way. Does that make sense?

R— Yes.

P — I started aligning but still have problems.

MPM — Are you saying that the financial problems are still lingering?

P— A little. The financial problems are there, and we are coping with our needs. But there are additional expenses we have to fund, such as the school projects for the children, and participation in a chess tournament. These add to the expenses. These are the things we are trying to work out.

MPM — Have you defined all these different needs of money? The project, and the kids’ needs? Have you actually articulated it and said, “I need this money for this child’s project. I need this for this. And I need this for that.” Or, are you just saying, “I have all these problems and I have to solve them.” What I’m trying to say, Poss, is you have to be very specific. “I need such and such for this. I need such and such for that.” What you are doing is, you put it in a basket, align it, and shove it into the light of Amon Ra and say, “Okay. It’s yours. Help me with it.” Instead, rather than just dumping it into one pile of problems, get more specific and solve it, one after another. I see a blank look on your face. In other words, you can’t just say, “I have all these problems and I have all these debts to pay. Just give me money.” Get more specific because a lot of these things have individual problems to resolve metaphysically. You understand what I mean?

Let’s say you want some money for your kid’s project. Focus on that. Get that done. When it’s resolved, check it off. Go to the next one. Do the same thing. Don’t just throw it into one big basket. You know every single one of these debts. Go debt by debt. Then you have proof that the thing is working. You check it off. “This one filled. This one filled.” You have to start that way. You just can’t say, “Oh, change my whole life.” You see the difference?

P(via a translator) — She and the kids and the whole family are used to having minimal funds and they are happy with it. All their needs are being taken care of. Because of the alignment, they trust that everything is going smoothly. But she sees that the children have more activities and the teachers are asking her to allow the kids to participate in this and that, and the teachers will help. By doing the alignment, her financial problems are being addressed, but is there a bigger picture about what is happening with the children?

MPM — That is good to hear. If that’s what you are seeing, then everything is slowly being taken care of. Your blessings are coming. Just let it happen. As long as you are living on the Earth plane, it’s never going to stop. There’s one thing after another. It’s just keeps coming and keeps coming, and that’s to make you more in line with Amon Ra. Every problem makes you more in line. As I said, you align yourself with that problem and it’s solving another problem on the etheric. You are ordering that mess, that confusion, that’s going on in the etheric. So, the next thing you have to do is sit down and recognize what’s going on. “This problem’s been solved. This one has been. This one has been. This one has been.” And gratitude. The tendency is to say, “That’s still not enough. Give me more. Give me more.” Stop and thank Amon Ra for what has happened. More will come.

That is your destiny. It is everybody’s destiny to have thousands of blessings on your head. All this crap that they keep feeding you, “Oh, it’s your karma. You are going to suffer for this.” That is just plain BS. Your job here is to overcome all that and to tap yourself into the blessings of Amon Ra. You get the idea?

Q — You mentioned about being more specific about your problems and leaving it to Amon Ra, and offering it to him for resolution?

MPM — Usually, what I do, when I can’t find a solution, where I have this debt and I can’t find a way out, I have to try every means humanly available to resolve it. You just can’t be chalking up debts and then throw it at Amon Ra. Okay? “I’ve tried this way and this way, and I have no other way of doing it. Here. Please. This is something that’s not being taken care of.” Then it will be taken care of. You see the difference? But if you go in a shopping mall and wildly spend and rack up all kinds of debt with your credit card or whatever it is, don’t count on it. A lot of that stuff is frivolous. That’s the difference. You must first try the human means.

I hear some of you saying, “I’ve contacted my sister and…” Okay. That’s fine, but go beyond that because there is more to the resolution of this debt than you realize. It’s not your sister who is going to lend you money that is going to solve it. You would rather solve it from your own blessings, without getting into debt. If you borrow from your relatives, you’re still in debt. You’re just moving the debt from one to the other. You want it resolved and wiped out, which is your status as a child of God, as a lightworker. That is what you should be. You should not be racking up debts to pay debts. That will never work. You’ll just get deeper and deeper into debt. Right? What you want is final resolutions to all these small debts, and even the big debts. So, borrowing to settle it may be a solution for the short term, but eventually that has to be resolved because the debt just remains the debt.

That’s what your government is doing. Borrow here. Spend. One debt here. Accumulate another debt. And the debt gets bigger and bigger and bigger. The United States now has gone up to US$20 trillion in debt. There’s no way you could even conceive of that amount of money. It’s so incredible. These guys are going merrily around and writing cheques and paying with all this debt. It’s going to blow up. That’s what I’ve been saying for the last 10 years. It’s on the way to getting blown up. The same things will happen in your life if you keep doing that. You’ve got to follow common sense resolution of debt. In other words, pay it back. But how do you pay it back if you don’t have enough money? If you tried every means, getting an extra job, and you still can’t resolve it, then you have to say to Amon Ra, “Let me resolve this problem. Here.”

R— I am dealing with needing to align for my business.

MPM — Do you have to talk to your customers all the time? Do you have to contact them by phone or do you have to visit them?

R— I have to contact the customers. I aligned and I have been getting a lot of orders.

MPM — Good. Now you have too many orders and you can’t handle them? (laughter) Okay, so it is working.

M— There is a property issue. We have been trying to resolve this problem for the longest time. We believe we are entitled to this property. Before my father died, he gave me special power of attorney. My greedy relatives don’t want me to be entitled to the property. I would like this to be resolved once and for all, while I am still alive. I have to align and think positive that the problem will be resolved once and for all.

MPM — You have relatives fighting you. Go into meditation, align yourself, and throw the problem at Amon Ra. Say, “Look. I can’t solve this. I’ve tried every means to do it. I leave it in the hands of God.” Who else could solve it? You’ve got the best solver, right there.

E— With regard to my problems, there are some accounts in the process of being resolved. Hopefully the transfer for restructuring will be favourable.

MPM — Not “hopefully.” They will be favourable, and solved within your means.

E— Another thing is, in terms of earnings, the potential for earning more just increased. So, it is there, and I attribute that to my alignment.

R— This is with regards to some accounts receivables at the office. Some receivables were assigned to me for checking. There was one that hadn’t been paid. It came to be that I had to talk personally to whoever is responsible for this account. The collection department said they couldn’t collect because the customer, someone from a government agency, couldn’t collect from those who owe him. Then I talked to this guy and told him that I noticed he hadn’t been paying for six months. When I talked to him, I started aligning. I tried to experiment with this. He said that the problem was that he could not collect on what was owed to him. I told him not to give me his problems because we have our own problems. I told them they are responsible for their debt. I tried to collect.

MPM — Here, you are back to the government blocking things. You align the whole chain of payment, including the health organization, and the hospital, and you. The whole thing is one thing. Align it that way, so that it does touch the health organization and it does resolve the problem.

R— There is good news to it. We had been adding interest to his account. Yesterday, when I talked to this particular guy, I noticed he was concerned about the interest. I told him that if he paid within a week, we would waive the interest, but if you don’t pay within a week, the interest stays. I received a text message from the collection department that they have paid some of what they owe.

MPM — So it wasn’t the health organization then. That was an excuse. The government is going to delay, but that is the kind of stuff you can unblock with the alignment. The government isn’t excluded from the influences of Amon Ra. It’ll kick them in the butt and make them do what they have to.

M — In my case, it is about debt. I incurred a lot of debt because of my hospitalization plus our financial obligation for the house and the repairs that need to be done. Since my compensation can hardly cover all the expenses, the only solution I have is to do something on the side, like real estate brokerage. I am happy that opportunities are coming up. Suddenly people are recommending me to some very rich people. Others are starting to approach me also. Opportunities are being presented.

MPM — That’s a resource. You have to just let it come. It’s a good thing you have several resources you can choose from.

Ma— I have to work hard for it.

MPM — Nobody said you could watch TV all day and collect money.

G— My concern is that I am thinking about the bills to be paid by the Foundation. The Foundation has a lot of charges. I am the one collecting the money. Also, there is maintenance of the Foundation. I am the one paying the maintenance. The money I have is not enough to cover the expenses. I guess I have to align more.

MPM — Did you receive the money we sent you? Is it all gone already? You are supposed to use it for this kind of stuff You have this pot of money. Use it.

G— I am aligning it.

MPM — Okay, but that money is supposed to be used for the maintenance of the centre. If you are going to collect it and save it, and go into debt on the other side, it doesn’t make sense.

G— For my family, everybody shares. One of my children is planning to start a business. He is planning to stop working and move to Tagaytay.

MPM — Everybody seems to be moving here.

T— Last night, I tried to sleep, and I aligned. Everybody here suffers from financial problems. It came to my mind early this morning that everybody is waiting for an economic collapse.

MPM — A financial collapse may justify a war.

T— I want it to come swiftly. Afterwards, there will be no more problems with the government.

MPM — What I have been told by St. Germain is, “Don’t think you’re going to be let off easy.” All the debts must be paid before you enter the New Age. This is the one thing that the human beings on the Earth today have never learned: how to handle money. This is one of the big lessons. Pay off everything that you need to before you can walk into the New Age. Don’t expect the upheavals to solve all your financial problems. It won’t happen that way. It may even aggravate them. The best thing to do is to at least make an attempt to knock it off, little by little. Get it done.

C — We sold a car and bought a new car. I am planning to start an airport shuttle service with it.

MPM — They need an airport shuttle service here. There’s no way they can get here expect by taking a taxi and that is a random situation also. There is nothing scheduled. We run into that all the time with guests coming in and guests going out. There needs to be some regular schedule going back in between Tagaytay and the airport. So far, it’s random.

T— The only problem is manifesting the car. I have talked to my daughter to see if she can help me by using her name to get the loan. The problem is that we have a loan and must pay that before we can get another loan. My daughter might be able to help solve the problem. I have been visualizing it, and the colour.

MPM — If the colour is the colour that you visualize, then so be it. The good thing about this is this is not a dead-end loan. When you get a loan for the car, it’s going to start earning money. When you start doing the shuttle, it’s something that will pay for itself. Except you have to organize it in a way that more people know about it. There’s a lot of potential in this thing, and I wouldn’t get stuck on the colour. I would just get moving on it. You might get a pink one. Is it going to be like your other vehicle?

T-- It’s an SUV.

MPM — As I said, this is a greatly needed service that has not yet popped up yet. There is just random stuff that you find. You can contact all the travel agencies in town and tell them that this service is available because people are looking for this stuff. If they contact us, and want to know how to get from Manila to Tagaytay, they can use your service. Maybe we’ll make it the Nordic Homes Transport company.

R— Some of my financial problems are going, but there is one that is not yet resolved, so I keep aligning. I am wondering how I can give money to the school. It’s a problem for me. My financial problems are smoothing out.

MPM — I see that all of you are in the process of resolving this. You have to just keep at it. One of these days we are going to sit here and all these problems will be gone. Hopefully.

This is the major problem of this group. Financial problems. You have to invoke the Ageless Wisdom into the situation and resolve it once and for all. Does that make sense? We’re just not going to put it aside and be happy faces and pretend it doesn’t exist. We as a group are going to have to solve this problem and we have the means to solve it. So, we all work on it together until it’s wiped out and you are all debt free, which is what you have to be.

This is what St. Germain wants. You have to be in a state of “debt-freeness” as you begin your work as lightbearers. Is that fair enough? Wouldn’t you all like to be debt free? You all say yes, and what I’m hearing here is that the solution has already started. The first step to the solution to becoming debt free has already been invoked, and it’s on its way to manifesting itself. The manifestation might be slower than you would like, but it’s there. All of you have told me something that tells me the first, second, and maybe third step has already been taken and it’s on its way to resolution You have to keep the persistence. I’m going to check up on you every two to three weeks to see where this goes, and you just keep your aligning going. One day, I hope to sit in front of you and all of us will be debt free. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? The thing is, it’s already happened. You just have to see it.

A lot of people would say, “You’re supposed to be a spiritual group. How come you’re always talking about money and debt?” Well, money and debt is part of that. I don’t separate the life we live here in the physical form, and all the problems we deal with in the physical form—it’s all part of this whole thing. Otherwise, why study this stuff? Why learn about Ancient Wisdom or Ageless Wisdom if it doesn’t do anything for your life? You might as well just forget about it. But you study it and you persistently apply it and it will come about. And it already is. I can see it. It’s just that you’ve got to keep seeing it and keep applying it. Fair enough?

Q — We have a lot of debt exposure here in the physical. It comes to a point where you have a financial problem and you get to a point where you can’t pay the loan, and then the bank compounds the interest. I have practically finished paying the principle, but they added so much interest. It’s more than double. Now I am trying to just pay the interest, the penalties. As far as cosmic law is concerned, have I paid my debt?

MPM — When you got into that debt, you signed something that agreed to this. This is horrible. This is DF…this kind of compounding of interest that you owe. They’re just making it worse. But the thing is, the solution should come from Amon Ra. And you, being a reflection of that, with this big thing, you’ll just get rid of that and it’ll shut them up once and for all. Or you could run away. They don’t want you to do that. You just say, “If you keep compounding this interest, I’m going to stop paying it.”

Q — The option of running away is really not there.

MPM — Of course not. You incurred the debt, you see, and that is still your karma. You need to pay it off. It’s not going to be like Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother who will come in with a wand and it is gone. I wish it could be that easy. You may want to put it as karma, but that is your duty to this money system. You incurred this debt yourself and you probably bought some stuff you don’t even need with it. Or you lent it to somebody who bought some cheap plastic toys with it, or stuff like that. But you have to be responsible for everything that money was spent on. You say, “Okay, I’ve tried every way to get out of this debt. Now I have to turn to you, my creator, and let it be resolved. Any solution you give me, I am willing to do.” If you have to pay five cents on the dollar, fine. If you have to pay it all, fine. Whatever solution that comes that is the fairest… It should be fairness that is in all of this. Let it be, let it happen, and let it be resolved.

Q — inaudible — asking about which debts to pay.

MPM — You should pay every debt that they are coming after you for. This is something that was told to us fifteen years ago when we first started talking about this destructive phase, for the lightbearers that were coming in to help during this phase. St. Germain told me, “Get your debts paid off.” You should enter this period without any debts. At that point, I said, “Okay, I’ll do it,” and I did. I managed to get rid of all the debts. The more I managed to get rid of the debts, the more the resources came in. It’s just like you pay this, and then something else comes in. But as long as you’ve got this thing, it’s like a barrier for the resources to come in. With this wall of debts that you have, it’s just not going to get in there. Just chip at it, little by little. If you have to go and pay five pesos, do it. In fact, that’s what you should do to your banker. You say, “Here. This is all I can afford.” If he doesn’t take it, you say, “Okay. I tried.” It wouldn’t be that easy.

Jack, you’re building this business, and you have this hope that eventually your business will be able to pay off the debt. This is your hope now. If you get five years down the line and everything goes sour and you can’t pay it back, that obligation is still there. No matter what you do, the debts never go away until you pay them back. That’s our money system today. But if you make a good, solid effort to pay it off, then you’ll get help. But if you make no effort and sit there, then don’t expect any help. Help yourself first. Even if it’s a little bit, you can help yourself to get rid of that debt. It’s that meeting of the obligation.

I’ve asked the Master, “If we do that, will we not have to deal with money in the New Age?” They say, you still have to in the beginning because we have not learned how to use money correctly. But we’ll have a better idea of how to do it. I think what we will be doing is getting into bartering which, for one thing, the debt is paid right away. It’s not this thing that hangs on with interest. That’s all Dark Force stuff. This whole system of money and paying interest on the money was invented in the Middle Ages to enslave all of you. That’s not going to be around. But at the same time, you should be buying things that you can afford, and not going beyond. Meet the needs as you go along. I think that’s one of the lessons the barter system is going to have to teach us. Then after the barter system, we work into gold. Then gold pays for it. You don’t borrow money on the gold, although they may try that. “You just give me a gold coin and I’ll lend you so much money and you pay interest on it.” Then you’re back into the debt system. You have to watch out for that. To answer your question, Robnet, in theory, yes. All the debts you have incurred, pay them back, even if it is little by little. Say you owe someone $100,000 and he has not heard from you for years. Send him some money. Say, “Here. I have a little money now. I can start paying you.” Believe me, the gratitude from receiving that little bit of money after so long will be more than enough to unleash the other resources that are around you.

Remember, each and every one of you is in a bubble of energy. Some of that energy has formed to create your body. But actually, you are carrying a whole bunch of energies around you—this thing that represents you, in every incarnation—all the way through the ages. In that thing, that bubble of energies, are all the resources you need to survive here. It’s all the money you need, or maybe it’s resources of some sort. The money only came in this system that we have. What it’s trying to tell you is, “You are no longer the child of God. You are the slave of the Dark Forces.” That’s what it is always trying to get you to believe. Don’t believe it. I know it’s hard sometimes, especially when there’s pressure on you. But that’s the whole point. The lightbearer has to fight back while this mirage, or maya is trying to tell you that you are some kind of slave to this system, but you aren’t. So, lock into the resources that are already around you and are constantly being fed by Amon Ra. Keep aligning. That’s what feeds your resources. It’s your whole backup.

Q — I never in my life thought about numbers and suddenly I am dreaming of numbers. I remember my family said that you don’t dream of numbers for no reason. I’m not involved in gambling or anything, but I’ve been dreaming of numbers lately.

MPM — This reminds me of a lady that came to see me when I was in Montreal, Canada. She was a very rich lady, actually. She said, “You know, I get the lottery numbers and I am so afraid that if I put that lottery ticket in, that it is going to take all the wealth I have away from me, so I haven’t cashed in.” I asked, “What about your tickets? Are they valid?” and she said. “Yes. All three of them I have received are the correct numbers for what was to be given away in the lottery.” I said, “It’s up to you.” She said, “If I don’t take it, will I be cursed for that?” I said, “Of course not. You’re standing up for a principle right now.” She said “Okay.” So, she just threw them away. She should be so noble! But that’s what she did. She had three of them in succession with correct numbers.

So maybe you are getting the correct numbers. (laughter) But that also is Dark Force stuff. All that lottery stuff is. It may seem to solve a problem right away, but it doesn’t. What is a lottery? It is really taking money from other people. It’s not coming from any gift from God or anything. People are just charging for these lottery tickets and they’re putting it in a pool and God only knows how much of that ends up somewhere else that has nothing to do with the government or anything. This hope of something falling from the sky, I never believed in it.

Q — For those who win the lottery, is that their karma?

MPM — Yes. Probably, and then they’ll pay for it next time, because of the way they got it. I’m not sure. I’m just speculating that they will probably end up as some Indian peasant in a rice field or something. I don’t know. But you don’t get anything for nothing. Now, if they got the lottery money and they used it to help a lot of people, that’s a different case. The first thing lottery people do is buy a new car. Then they buy a new house. After that, they don’t know how to spend it. Give it to me. I know how to spend it.

Q — Is it true that the debts die with the debtholders?

MPM — No. It passes on to your heirs. Listen, the Dark Forces have figured it all out. It is going to enchain your whole family for the rest of their existence.

Q — inaudible — I have a sister who was widowed by a husband who had a debt of 200,000 pesos. She didn’t know anything about it, and the debtor is running after her.

MPM — Throw it in the arms of Amon Ra. That doesn’t sound right. But that’s the way things go. Your heirs are going to inherit your debts. That’s the way the law is. Some people die and they leave their estates in a mess. Their heirs have to sort it out. So, it doesn’t go away.

Anyway, you guys, get ready for your work as lightbearers by paying off these debts.  I know sometimes it feels like it’s overwhelming. “How am I going to pay this? How many lifetimes do I need?” You have to practice some regular rules of money. You don’t spend more money than you have. You have to control all the astral desire. “I’ve got to get this, and I’ve got to get that. I’ve got to get this.” Then you’re incurring a debt. In fact, that’s what the astral plane is all about. It can make you spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, until you’re useless.

So, what I’ve said this morning is that, we, as a group, are presently suffering from this particular problem. We can no longer shove it under the table and try to ignore it. To be effective lightbearers, you’ve got to wipe it out. You have the solution to it. You have the solutions that are given to you by the Ageless Wisdom. We’ve been given this whole idea of alignment and how that can resolve the problem. If you want to make your alignment more powerful, when you get into it, start OM’ing. Lift yourself up until you feel the sound waves coming to you. If you’re in that level, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t resolve these debt problems. You must do it constantly.

It’s not magic. It’s something that’s around you right now, the solution to these debts. You just haven’t seen it yet. Or, you’re too blinded by the aura of the debt bearing down on you, or the fear of it. So, let it be free. If it’s the fear of the debt collector, or the government bearing on you, that is also something you must put into alignment. Okay? Put that into alignment and wipe it out. Wipe out the fear. Once you wipe out the fear, you see things move. The fear is the thing that paralyzes everything. “Oh, they’re coming after me. They’re coming after me. I’m being hunted down.” You don’t have to be like that. Get that fear out of the way and then move into the alignment. Then move up in the alignment. Do the OM and get up to the higher reaches of the etheric. Let those sound waves come down through you. The sound waves that penetrate your being are the ones that are going to unlock those resources that are around you.

Q — inaudible — I downloaded something about the Sun. Is it okay to play it before I align?

MPM — Yes. Just remember where you are going, that’s all. You might end up in the middle of the Sun.

I was going to play a couple of clips for you in our next meeting at home. They have come out with some very nice chants and these are not the traditional chants. These are some new chants that have come out that are emphasizing the OM, and OM So Hum also. You can listen to that. I find that listening to it calms down the whole household, and I work with that in the background. But it’s getting into the atmosphere of OM. On this plane here, it’s just so physical. You hear chickens and you hear everything else interrupting. Get up into the lower reaches of the etheric and you let that OM penetrate, and you’re also helping the etheric clean up, as well as your own stuff. What does it help? It cleans out those channels of connection to the upper mental, and then up to the Atmic and the Buddhic, and then straight down to you.


MPM — You can find it on youtube. I’ve discovered this new company that’s putting these out, and I find that these new OM chants are valid. They’re not the New Age stuff. They’re very traditional, but at the same time, a little newer. It’s called, “The Meditative Mind”. I think if you input “The Meditative Mind” in youtube, you’ll find all the different OMs and different chants that they have.

Q — Is it okay to chant OM silently anywhere you are, even in a crowd?

MPM — In a car you can do it aloud, but you can also do it silently. Just align yourself and OM. It doesn’t matter. The whole point is, what I want you to do is to get into the culture of OM. This is the intermediate area that sends you up into the sound. It also pulls you away from the physical chatter and nonsense that is going on in the physical plane. You get up into this layer of sound that starts with the sound and then goes down to the OM and then down to the nonsense we have on the first plane, the physical plane. You’ve got to keep reminding yourself. From now on, when you meditate and align yourself, OM. When you get into alignment, OM and raise yourself up as high as you can. This is like an elevator. It’s lifting you up. You just go up, even if it’s for a second or two. You OM and align.

Q — Do we have to close our eyes?

MPM — No. For me, it’s easier. That limits a lot of visual distractions. You don’t have to sit cross-legged. That’s all superficial stuff. What you’re really getting into is inside. I played a couple of these things that had instructions on how to meditate. Oh boy. You already know how to meditate. You know how to get into it. Just do that and go with the sound. Let’s see what happens. If you get into the atmosphere or the culture of the OM, that whole layer of the OM, bring your financial problems with you. “Here.” Let it go into this thing and raise the whole thing up. Fair enough?

Group — Yes.

MPM — This time I’m going to close by going back to my old way of invoking the blessing and streaming it down on you. I think it works better. Or is it better when you go up yourself? (laughter) Eventually, I’m going to shut my mouth and you’re going to do it yourself. I would like to sit there and have you bless me! (laughter)

Take a deep breath. Exhale and relax. (long pause)





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