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Healing is Part of Soul Liberation

Webinar on the Telepathic Healing Service

In line with the Brotherhood's project of Soul Liberation, we are making available to our website visitors around the world a method of telepathic energy healing that flows from the Spiritual Hierarchy.

The ultimate goal of TH is not healing per se. It is the awakening of the individual to something that is beyond the physical ailment. It is a clarion call to the individual to begin looking seriously into his or her spiritual side of life. And the side consequence is the healing.

Today many spiritually-oriented people find themselves suffering from physical and emotional problems that impede their spiritual development. Perhaps our telepathic healing facility can help free you of this burden to carry forth with your spiritual goals and mission.

New Team of Telepathic Healers

The Sanctus Germanus Foundation has trained a core group of healers who are positioned around the world and ready to assist you. This group of healers has spent the past year documenting their healings, so that their practice of telepathic healing is based on solid experience. The members have agreed to offer this service to seekers of truth free-of-charge.

Telepathic Energy Healing Therapy

Telepathic Energy Healing is based on principles of healing handed down to the Foundation from the Great Brotherhood of Light. It is the same Christly healing energy that the Master Jesus used to heal individuals and groups during his mission on earth two thousand years ago.

How Does it Work?

The SGF team will telepathically transmit a powerful wave of Christ healing energies to your location that will remain for a few days. During this time you are invited to avail yourself of these energies to heal given problems.

As long as you remain consciously aware of the presence of this healing energy from the date and time it is sent to you, it will remain with you until your problem is resolved. You must remember the date this energy was sent to you.

How do I use the energies you send me to heal my problem or ailment?

Find a quiet place in your location/home and sit in a comfortable chair. If you can put yourself in a meditative state, that would be even better.

Earnestly request the healing you desire. You may declare: "I call upon the Christ healing energy to heal (problem)." Draw in the healing energy that has been transmitted to you and let it permeate your body, especially the troubled areas.

Unless your ailment is part of a current karmic episode as determined by the Board of Karma, healings can be expected. The healing can take place instantaneously or over time as it is your soul that ultimately determines when you are ready for the healing.

When will the SGF transmit the Christ Healing Energy to my location?

The SGF telepathic healing team will meet on the first and third Saturday of each month, at 7:00 pm Mountain Time (make sure you account for the difference in time zones from where you are located), to transmit the healing energies to your location. Our next sessions will take place on the following dates :


July 7 & 21

August 4 & 18

September 1 & 15

October 6 & 20

November 3 & 17

December 1 & 15



How will the SGF team know where to send the healing energy?

You must send us an email to before the Wednesday preceding any of the above dates and include the following information:

1.Your Name:

2. Location (city or town and country):

3. Nature of the problem to be healed stated concisely:

4. How have you contributed to this problem?

5. Date of request:

Who can apply?

We invite all seekers of the truth to apply.

Who should not apply?

If you are currently receiving energy healing of a different modality (such as Reiki), you should wait until that treatment is terminated. We strongly recommend that you not mix healing modalities.

Is there any charge for this service?

There is no charge for this service. The healing is a gift from the Great Brotherhood of Light.




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